65+ years since India's independence, and our economy has come a full circle. From being a country with one of the fastest- growing economies, India lapsed back to the stereotyped 'third world countries' facing potential crises in the not-so-distant future. Even though reasons of colonialism , imperialism , corruption, low quality education and many other were quoted for this lapse, the ground reality remained that doubts were being awoken regarding India's attempts of self-sufficiency.

Grameen Bazaar an initiative by a individual backed 5 more individuals, all with different backgrounds but with a single aim to bring back India's 60%+ population leaving in rural part of india into the global market. With our unique transformational approaches to create a self sustainable Indian economy. Come and lets build India where every one is empowered to leave a life of his own and be the reason of developed India.


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A thatched roof, a merciless summer, tossed bargains, long hours on the field for nickels and dimes, a relentless goal of harvest, a perennial prayer for rainfall, a family running a life with less than 50 INR a day – The Rural Indian's everyday life.

For an average metropolitan, it becomes tough to picturize the archetypal rural household and rural work scenario. The rural-urban contrast in our country couldn't be darker. On the one hand is the metropolitan lifestyle of the finest Bordeaux and Chateaus, and on the other, the typical rural lifestyle of contraband and economical roulette. So what is the true India? The heart of India lies in the blood, sweat and toil of our peasants.

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Our Team

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    Santhosh Kumar

    Santhosh Kumar has 12+ years of expereince in the high technology industry. Energetic leader known for ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations. Santhosh is presently holding the position of Owner at Vigil INC Ltd, Hong Kong, Owner at SPM Information Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bangalore both the company is into Telecom services. He is also the visionary behind the www.virtualglobalphone.com.

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    Sumithra Pandurangan

    Sumithra Pandurangan with more than 8+ years of experience driving variuos operations at SPM Information, Bangalore.
    And also working on a daily basis implementing, Servicing, enhancing, and integrating VirtualGlobalPhone systems. Sumithra has an bachelor's degree in science from the University of Bangalore.

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    Roopini Mayur

    Roopini Mayur, a second year law student, has taken on the GrameenBazaar with a vision to make it unparalleled in its goals, by offering her legal skills to make this system completely transparent. Her aim is to venture new theories and strategies to the GrameenBazaar, and bring about a youthful dynamism to it. Her journey is towards making GrameenBazaar palpable, and in creating a futuristic rural pedigree.

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    Shiva kumar

    Shiva kumar with more than 16 years of experience in the field of Customer service and Quality. Presently working in Muthoot Finance. He holds a bachelor's degree in science from the University of Bangalore.

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About Grameen Bazaar

Grameen Bazaar, a unique non profitable fair trade organization coupled with online e-commerce website, business center in each village , weekend market in every district for our Grameen People to have an open and a direct market with the consumers. We also conduct seminars, talk shows in schools and colleges to enroll young entrepreneurs who will take up in running their interested Grameen Bazaar in a district or village they choose.

By extricating the Grameen people of their dependence on middlemen, awareness, new technology, Global Knowledge base, and many other initiative creates self-sustained units in the villages spread over the length and breadth of the Indian palette. In this way, it creates prowess within the rural ambience, and enables our country's grameen people to support themselves. The rural India thus create a stake in the Indian economy, which is brimming with potential. It empowers grameen people all the way, and in turn, substantiate their role as India's future.


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